Our Goal

The Children’s Advocacy Alliance is committed to ensuring that every child in Nevada has the opportunity to grow up healthy, from the prenatal period all the way through their teen years.

To ensure children have every opportunity to grow up healthy, the Children’s Advocacy Alliance supports:
  • Access to high-quality, affordable health care, including oral health and mental health.
  • On-time recommended childhood immunizations.
  • Access to food that supports good nutrition, including an adequate supply of fruits and vegetables.
  • Communities that provide a safe place to run and play, offering ample opportunities for physical activity.
  • High-quality, and on-time, prenatal care.

The Problem

In Nevada, 82% of children with health insurance see a doctor while only 56% of uninsured children receive the benefit of similar medical attention, and uninsured children are ten times more likely to lack much-needed medical care. Good health is key to academic achievement. Children with insurance, who have greater access to regular medical care, have an easier time focusing during class, participate more in activities, and are not absent from school as often.

The Solution

To ensure that children in Nevada grow up healthy and well, the Children’s Advocacy Alliance will work toward:

  • Ensuring expanded access to health insurance programs for children and families, including all essential health benefits.
  • Supporting programs that will ensure that all children in Nevada have access to on-time, recommended childhood immunizations.
  • Reducing administrative and technical burdens which delay access to the Medicaid program, particularly for medically fragile children and pregnant women.
  • Ensuring that schools and child care providers offer healthy, nutritious food choices and that children are provided with ample opportunity to participate in physical activity.

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